Nivo Istanbul

Новый эксклюзивный проект в Стамбуле с удобной транспортной развязкой

Проект находится рядом с автомагистралью TEM, 2м мостом и аэропортом Ататюрка.
Проект занимает территорию площадью 200 000 м2

Our Project is located in Istanbul’s 2nd investment and accomodation district Basın Express .It is in perfect location close to city centre and fastest developing district of İstanbul, 49% price increase in 24 months(from pre-launch price) and 8% rental returns.The project's profit gainings are high, that's why we made the contract of 140 flats and took the earnest money in 4 months. It clearly means that; prescient financiers saw the donnee which shows profit gainings are high and they possessed the flats.

Payment Plan;

Customers suppose to pay %35 of the total value as down payment,
And Installment plan can be arranged up to 24 months.

1+1 49m2-76m2 from 147.000$ to 190.000$
2+1 78m2-147m2 from 215.000$ to 327.000$
3+1 131m2-161m2 from 295.000$ to 380.000$

147.000$ - 380.000$
Басын Экспресс
Окончание строительства: 
декабрь 2018


  • хобби рум
  • кинотеатр
  • конференц залы
  • детские площадки открытые / закрытые
  • хамам, сауна, спа зона
  • фитнес зал
  • беговые дорожки
  • охрана