Deniz Istanbul

New great project on 200 hectares of land has been started in the European part of Istanbul on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara and today it is one of the best options for life or investment!
The Beylikdüzü district, where the project is located, is one of the most multi-national areas of Istanbul, and is highly popular for investment for the residential and commercial real estate sector among foreigners. The constant rise in prices for land and real estate in this region allows its investors to receive a high return on investment in a short period of time.

Thanks to the successful location, the project has the advantage of easy access due to the proximity of the international airport (17 km.), Motorways E-5 and E-6 and a new ring road. The presence of the yacht marina also allows to get to the complex by boat or any other water transport.

This is one of the most unique projects in Istanbul, located on the first coastline with a length of 1.5 km. There is own sandy beach and yacht-marina, designed for 500 yachts.
In total, the project plans to build 4,500 apartments and 500 villas for 25,000 residents.
On the territory of the complex you will find everything you need for a comfortable life and rest - a developed social infrastructure, healthcare facilities, commercial, educational, cultural, tourist units. It is planned to build a school, a kindergarten, a mosque, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a shopping center, a hospital, a hotel, cafes and restaurants.
The construction of the project will have severall stages and consists of different types of villas and apartments: Marina villas, Mercan and Kalyon complexes of villas and apartments.
Completion of the project Marina villa is expected in May 2017, the complex of mansions Mercan - in April 2018. The completion of the Deniz Istanbul project and all stages of construction is expected until 2021.
The expected rise in prices for the entire period of construction - not less than 20% per year. Thus, by the time of the completion of all stages of construction (until 2021), real estate prices in this project will rise by at least 100% (2 times).
This project can become for you not only an extremely profitable investment investment, but also a great place for your constant staying or regular visits. Luxury, comfort and elegance are combined in one place.

94 000 € - 1 000 000 €
Начало строительства: 
Окончание строительства: 
  • Swimming pool
  • parking
  • Fitness
  • Stores
  • School and kindergarten
  • Beauty Salons
  • Security and CCTV cameras
  • yacht Club
  • Green area